Rivenroar Crypts

When, centuries ago, the Velvish settlers began migrating the the lands of the Elsir Vale the Rivenroar family were among the earliest clans that came. The Velvish warred with the native peoples of the land, drove them into isolated, inhospitable corners, and eventually founded the kingdom of Rhest.

Elevated to formal nobility, the Rivenroars were one of the oldest noble families of Rhest, reigning wide lands from their seat at Rivenroar castle. There were strange tales attached to them, especially as the years went on, but centuries of marriage and alliances had woven them deeply into the kingdom’s tapestry.

The crypts under the castle started small but were expanded and became more ornate as more of the family were interred there. It was whispered that things went on down there, hidden from the light of day, other than simple burial; but rumours are always whispered about the fortunate by the covetous.

What the party has discovered in the crypts

Old rites: The rumours are right, the party has discovered the the crypts were a holy site to a mystery-cult devoted to Acererak – the first wizard to cheat death. The Rivenroars and their allied families conducted various rites there, and some may linger as undead. Rain has made a pact with the powers of the Crypt, trading prisoners for the Hand’s right to use the crypts as their hideout.

Families buried here include the Rivenroars, Von Jallach, Von Urstadt.

The portal: A portal here leads to a region of the Blackfens called the Living Marsh.

Rivenroar Crypts

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