A grand dwarven city to the west, along the Dwarfroad, Overlook stands on the flanks of the Stonehome mountains, guarding the only reliable pass through the peaks to the badlands beyond.

Legend says it was built long ago, during the Age of Chains when the dwarves were still slaves to the giants. Unlike the traditional dwarven city, it is entirely above-ground, and is home to humans, elves, halflings, and many other races.

Overlook is ruled by a Council of Elders – traditionalist dwarven clanheads who deliberate thoroughly and at length about their decisions. Overlook’s wealth stems from its trade, its mines, and the legendary prudence (thriftiness?) of its dwarven overlords. The city has expanded since its foundation, and features four sets of walls, one inside the other, that mark its growth like the rings of a tree.

The eyes of Overlook are always turned west, towards the beacon atop the far-flung fastness of Bordrin’s Watch. The badlands are thick with blackbloods, who frequently burst forth as a horde to try and crack the defences and plunder the sweet pastures of the Elsir Vale. So far, no Horde has made it past Overlook, although a horde declaring it was part of the the Red Hand came very close ten years ago. If Overlook’s defenders had failed then, the forces attacking the Vale would have been drastically reinforced, and the outcome of the war very different.


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