New Red Hand

The hobgoblins and ogre that raided Brindol called themselves the Red Hand. It’s hard to say how strongly they are connected to the original Hand, but the following is known.

They are lead by Rain, a half-orc who was one of the Even-Handed assassin’s guild that was allied with the Hand during the war.

Although they are mostly hobgoblins, there hand include goblins and at least one ogre in their number. In addition, Rain has made a number of alliances with:

  1. A gang of redcaps, wizened fey trickster-killers, led by one called Chrestoban.
  2. A group of bullywugs from the Blackfens who came through the old portal in the Rivenroar crypts (now all dead).
  3. Several ettercaps, cruel spider-folk who killed Kartenix.
  4. The “powers” of the Rivenroar crypts, who allow the Hand to stay there in exchange for prisoners. It’s assumed they are undead.

New Red Hand

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