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Brindol: The site of the Red Hand’s defeat, ten years ago, and what passes for the PCs’ home.
Drellins Ferry: the site of the first attack of the Red Hand.
Elsir Vale: The wider region spreading across the Giantshield and Wyvernwatch mountains in which the campaign takes place.
Rhest: A ruined city that was once the heart of a human kingdom that dominated the vale centuries ago.
The Blackfens: The eerie, mist-draped marshes that have claimed the ruins of Rhest. They are inhabited by a scarce, secretive folk remoured to be the descendants of the original inhabitants of the region.
The Dwarfroad: An old trade road that spanned the length of the ancient dwarven kingdom that once dominated the region and linked the lands to the east and west.
Witchcross: A tiny village nestled under the eaves of the Witchwood, under the power of the wood’s coven.
Overlook: A proud dwarven city that stands across the Dwarfroad far to the west where it corsses the mountains and descends to make its dangerous way across the badlands. Overlook keeps the Vale’s western border against the savage blackblood tribes of the wastes.
Rivenroar Crypts: Lying beneath the ruins of Rivenroar castle, these ancient crypts have become the hideout for Rain’s new Red Hand.


The Even Handed : an implacable cult of assassins, allied with the Red Hand.
The Red Hand: An army of malevolent forces that arose ten years ago and tried to conquer Elsir Vale.
The New Red Hand: A band of hobgoblins and other creatures that claim to be the Red Hand returned, led by Rain.

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