Tam the Bastard

Tam the Bastard. More or less well named. Half-orc Rogue alchemist with a past almost entirely free of puppies.


Brutal Scoundrel Rogue Set up for ‘special forces style murder’ rather than anything subtle High strength – can do opportunity/basic attacks well According to the system he’s got a double sword, but that’s been re-skinned into a pair of jaggedy shivs. Social skills are bargain basement Currently lacks athletics – will pick that one up when I multiclass into fighter. He’s an alchemist. Or rather, he will be at level 2. Going to Kensai paragon path if he gets that far.


Mild mannered alchemist’s apprentice.

Certainly not a ninja mixed up with shonky assassin cult shenanigans.

Tam the Bastard

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