The witch of Brindol


It is widely known in Brindol that the crone Zerriska is a witch who has made pacts with sinister powers. Fear of those powers keeps people silent when her sharp tongue dresses them down, but like so many evils she is necessary – there are few healers in Brindol as good (or as cheap) as her.

Only those close to her (of which there are few) know that the rumours are just that – Zerriska has no true poewr, but she’s a skilled herbalist.

Derrek druid saved Zerriska from a bear in the woods, a situation that made it clear Zerriska does not command fell sorceries the likes of which the world has never seen. Finally sharing the burden of her secret was a surprising relief to Zerriska, and she and the dwarf have become friends, and often travel into the wilds together in search of herbs or beasts.


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